Gateway Education offers top level training designed to be employer responsive whilst adhering to national standards. We offer specialised funded long courses, short courses and commercial training that exceed the expectations of our learners. Gateway Education’s courses are CQC compliant and nationally accredited while still maintaining a personal experience that is flexible, responsive and professional.

At Gateway Education, we pride ourselves in providing rigorous qualifications and training to individuals and organisations in order to help them build and improve their skills to be able to perform well in their jobs. We provide individual training as tailored short courses that complement staff development and specialised work-based training for learners. Many of our qualifications are targeted Apprenticeships and National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) to further adhere to the common platform.

Our tutors, assessors and trainers are all highly qualified with many years of industry-related experience and strive to meet your expectations. Gateway Education will work with you to understand your exact individual and/or organisational requirements, preferred learning styles and the most appropriate learning needs to deliver optimal training.

Policies & Procedures